Send to Card

Send to Card 1.0

Send notes, sounds and images to your memory card


  • Enables quick saving
  • Very simple to operate


  • Not compatible with all applications


One of the things that annoys me the most about the Palm OS is the fact that I can't save all my stuff to my memory card for use on other devices. A lot of apps only allow you to save your information in its native format rather than export it as a file that is readable on a card by other handhelds. Send to Card is designed to help you get around this problem by allowing you to record data to your memory card.

The program adds a new item to your options menu called 'Send to Card.' Thanks to this new option, you can save notes, paragraphs, sounds and even images to a memory card installed ion your device. Just select the text or file, open the menu system and select the new option. Currently, Send to Card is compatible with the Notebook, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and the menu of sounds available by default.

Unfortunately Send to Card is not compatible with many third party applications, but neverthless, it represents a useful way of quickly saving data to external memory.

Send to Card is designed to allow you to save various data to your memory card. You can adjust the filename and folder. The standard folder for a given file type is used by default (eg. DCIM for photos).

One could think there is no point in sending application data to a file, it is in some file already, isn't it? Wrong! A lot of palm applications store the data internally in their own format (the palm database) but use a different "external" format for exchanging data between devices. Send to Card enables you to export the data using this "external" format and keep them on the card.

Send to Card


Send to Card 1.0

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